Why Business Boundaries Will Keep You Sane & Stacked with Cash [Feb. 2022, Newlsetter]

Boundaries are simply knowing what you will and won’t do or tolerate. They’re limits you set around what you’re comfortable with and how you’d like to be treated. If a coworker, family member, or friend is toxic and causes you nothing but grief, it’s natural to put up boundaries to limit your interactions. In some severe cases, you might even cut them from your life completely.

In business, boundaries can help you determine what does and does not get your attention so that you can focus on what’s most important and actually achieve your goals. In general, many coaches and entrepreneurs start off as solopreneurs or lone wolves who choose to do everything themselves. Whether that’s because of limited funds for hiring or because of control issues, being a lone wolf limits your boundaries because you have your hand in everything from product creation to sales and customer service.

Here lies one of the reasons burnout is a real danger for business owners, especially those solopreneurs who carry the weight of their success on their shoulders. Because the truth is, we have limited bandwidth. If you don’t have boundaries for your business and work-life, it’s very easy for you to lose your sense of work/life balance and motivation.

Work-life balance isn’t just healthy for you; it also helps you produce better work for clients and allows you to show up the way you’d ideally like to for your clients and/or customers. What you do in one area of your life also carries over into other areas; so, if you show up better to your clients, you’ll naturally show up better/differently with your family and friends.

Go through this list of signals to see if you have weak boundaries in your business:

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