The Most Important Question to Answer For Any Woman Entrepreneur Who Wants to Prevent Burnout

What’s your “Why”? As a woman entrepreneur, it is important to know your "Why" – the purpose behind starting and running your business - and when you dig down deep it may be bigger than you think. Your “Why” is the purpose behind everything you do. Whether you are just starting out or have been running your business for years, knowing your why is essential to success. And with this knowledge, you can stave off burnout, which is a common occurrence in the world of entrepreneurship.

Also, by keeping your “Why” in the forefront of your mind, you can ensure that you are focused on the right projects, ideas, and tasks for your business and your life. With this focus and a clear purpose, you will not only avoid burnout but stay on track towards achieving your goals.

For me, the excitement of a new project and the boredom of an old project cycle of a roller coaster ride. With each subsequent cycle more unfinished projects mounted, as the new projects move to the old. I didn’t realize this was a symptom of what is called “Shiny Object Syndrome,” which also leads to stress and overwhelm, the parents of burnout.

Then there was time. Becoming increasingly impatient with myself and the process, (I didn’t think that time was on my side), I rushed through projects, racing toward a finish line that did not exist for me because I didn’t take the time to define my success. The faster I moved, the more I accomplished, but the more I didn’t accomplish. Unfinished projects piled up, and finished projects were done in a rush and reflected it, and nothing resulted from what I worked so hard for. I felt deflated at times when I spent over 100 hours on a project that reaped no results.

Can you imagine? Or maybe, in some way, you know exactly what I mean….

I don't know how many times I was frustrated with the length of time it took me to start my business, build an audience, and earn an income. Then the experience of feeling overwhelm and stress when my results were coming in slower than expected or in some cases, not even materializing. I had to reconnect with my “Why”. In turn, I have been inspired to get back to my work in a way that makes me feel the joy of creation, the exuberance of creating, and the satisfaction of seeing what I've created.


Your "why" is something for you to identify, find, discover, NOT create. Imagine it to be the intangible, yet crucial building block upon which you built your business idea; it is the energy that you used to create your idea. Even if you have lost the feeling of it, that exhilaration, excitement, and joy, the energy is still there. In fact, your "Why" is at the core of your entrepreneurial journey, and recalling it can help you regain this energy. You can use this energy to prevent burnout if you're experiencing stress and overwhelm now, and to ensure it doesn't happen again in the future.

You're not a punching bag so don’t beat yourself up; be kind to yourself. That’s number 1. It's okay if you forgot your "Why" or never really connected it to your business, and you now see how important it is. It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind of running a business and lose sight of why you started in the first place. But it’s time to PAUSE. Disconnecting or forgetting is the cause of burnout, making you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and unmotivated to continue working on your business. At this point, self-awareness is critical. If you're already in the midst of this decline, then you need to be aware of it.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do work-related tasks feel extremely challenging to complete?

  • Do you have unfinished projects mounting? Do you have “shiny-object syndrome”?

  • Are you dreading getting up in the morning to start work on your business?

  • Are you asking yourself why did I start this business in the first place?

  • Does working on your business bring you joy?

Know this: No matter what your answers are to these questions, it’s no time to tap out now. But the exact opposite. Pause and begin again. But make reconnecting with your “Why” a first critical step to moving toward the manifestation of your dreams.

If the love you felt for your business has turned anywhere on the spectrum of apathy to hatred. That is, you’re asking yourself questions like, “What made me start on this horrid road of stress?” or “What in the h*** I was thinking about starting this business?” or “How can run fast enough away from this?” or anything that expresses feelings of NOT love for it. Yes, it is time for a PAUSE to shift gears and reconnect with the source of your business – Your “Why”!

By staying focused on your "why", you can prevent this from happening again. Whether it's reflecting on your initial motivations for starting your business or discovering your bigger purpose and setting specific goals that tie back to it, it is time to discover or rediscover it. Keeping your why in mind will help you stay motivated and focused on the tasks that are most important to your success.

A few tips to get you started connecting to your “Why”:

  1. Identify areas of passion: what lights you up?

  2. Identify your positive choices around current situations in your life

  3. Identify what you find easy: it’s a part of what sets you apart from others