Take a day off and Treat yourself

Neglecting breaks and other self-care needs is just as detrimental to your business as it is to you. As a new woman business owner, it's crucial to pay attention to your health, physically, emotionally, and mentally, before it negatively affects your success.

There are several reasons why you should never skip breaks or feel guilty about self-care:

  • Optimize health and reduce stress - To ensure mental clarity and happiness so that you can make the right business decisions. Depression, cardiovascular disease, and many other health problems can be caused by a lack of self-care, changing the trajectory of your life in a direction you don't want to go down.

  • For Gratitude and Generosity Mental clarity provides you a moment to be thankful for the things around you that inspire happiness; the more you focus on what’s good, the more you act in a way that brings what you consider good to you.

  • To Inspire Creativity and Innovation Studies show a link between alone time and increased creativity.

  • To Maintain Energy and FocusUltimately improving your performance, communication, and engagement.

  • You are Worth ItLastly, and probably one of the most important reasons to take a day off and treat yourself is because you are worth it.

Taking breaks and treating yourself even with a busy schedule is easier if you follow these tips:

Schedule Them In And Be Strict

Add short breaks, vacation, and essential appointments for self-care to your schedule and clear a spot for the first. Then don’t permit yourself to skip them.

Just as they say that you should always pay yourself first, including adding in time off and other vital needs right away before you allow yourself to schedule over it, remember, your health should be a top priority; otherwise, your business won’t be one either.

Commit to It and Take A Day Off

Practice self-discipline and do absolutely no work during your day off to reap the fullest benefits. Don’t use this time for chores or planning your next business moves. Rest and commit to activities that make you happy.

Release Guilt and Be More Selfish

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being more selfish in life when protecting your mental, emotional, and physical health. Stop feeling guilty about your purchases or days where you do absolutely nothing and recognize their benefits.

Establish Effective Time Management Habits

Simply put, the more time you have, the easier it is to take a day off. Find the right habits that allow you to get ahead or maximize your productivity in the shortest amount of time possible. A 90-day action plan and working in block schedules are great ideas and areas to start.

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Stop neglecting your health and using the excuse that “I just don’t have time.” The only thing that statement is saying is that you don’t value yourself or your business enough to make time.

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