Marketing Mistake 5 of 5: You Don't Know When Something Is Working [Blog Series]

Updated: Mar 19

If you monitor your strategy closely, you will determine whether it is working or not. However, you'll have the same issue with monitoring as you did with everything else: there are too many options available, and you cannot monitor everything at once.

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The word "robust" would be an understatement for many of the analytics software programs out there. These software programs are designed with the capability to monitor every single aspect of your business. You can have customized reports that detail everything, and it's tempting to take advantage of this.

The key to success is to simplify, and just as multitasking doesn't help you achieve any of your goals, a sea of too many metrics can drown you and kill your productivity.


Take whichever program you will use and examine its features. With your goal in mind, choose just a handful of metrics that will tell you clearly whether you're reaching your goal or not. Ignore the rest.

Not only is this approach more focused, but it will also save you a great deal of time. You need to check your analytics regularly, and with just a few simple metrics to check, it's something you can do quickly.

The Virtues of Simplicity

Ironically, as the business world grows increasingly complex with new technologies and ways to connect, what we need to do most is simplify. This is true in other areas of life as well. Skilled marketers learn their skills by focusing on their efforts until they produce results and then figuring out how to replicate and scale them.

So as you build your marketing plan, keep it simple. Focus on one goal at a time, and make sure you're doing everything necessary to achieve that goal. If you're not getting the desired result, try simplifying again.

For now, don't worry about building a marketing empire; that will come in due time as you get better at marketing your business and its products or services. Start with the first step, then move on to the next, and so on. This is how you learn the best way to reach your most important business goals. You'll get better at it over time.

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