What's Your Productivity Style?

Updated: Apr 7

Are you the type of task-driven person who cannot stand seeing unchecked boxes on your “to-do” list? Or are you driven by deadlines and can’t seem to get started until a hard deadline is looming on your projects? Knowing your productivity type can help you prioritize your work so you can accomplish more in your day.

The Four Productivity Styles

There are actually four different productivity styles seen in the workplace today. One of these likely applies to you. The more you know about your own productivity style, the better able you will be to find the right cues to keep you on task and on target throughout the workday.

The Prioritizer

You prefer to stick to the facts. You like data, logic, and are exceptional at critical thinking. You are so focused on your tasks you may not invest much attention or effort in determining how the task is accomplished.

As this title implies, you are exceptionally skilled at prioritizing tasks so you are uber-efficient and can easily meet deadlines. You can make decisions easily but often prefer to work alone.

On the flip side, some of your pet peeves may include daydreaming, idle office gossip, missing or incomplete data, inefficient use of time, vague instructions, or water cooler conversations.

A Prioritizer is an exceptional worker, even in a team environment; they just don’t want to be in charge of the team. Give them their directions and their deadline and let them go to town.

Prioritizers who work alone can benefit from hiring a business coach to map out a business plan and talk out their goals. Once those goals are set, prioritizers can focus on the smaller tasks leading to those goals.

The Planner

You are a detailed thinker who is always organized and thrives on detailed plans, lists, and order. You are well aware of deadlines and always make a to-do list at the end of your business day.

Planners are not very spontaneous, however, and may struggle with creative thinking or working outside the box. They may also find it difficult to contribute in team meetings because they need a little more time to think about the topic in depth before contributing ideas or solutions. Planners also have difficulty reprioritizing tasks and don’t take change well.

Once you figure out your peak energy and how to maximize your use of those hours you will be an unstoppable force. You’ll know exactly what to do from your list and you’ll feel empowered taking advantage of your peak work hours.

In a team setting, planners are key to finishing projects on time. They are the keepers of the work schedule and will hold the other team members accountable for meeting their deadlines.

The Arranger

You are an emotional being who thrives on working in groups, managing meetings, and creating and selling your ideas. You have a bubbly personality and would cringe at the idea of working alone; you need that personal interaction and you thrive in a group setting. You are thoughtful and encouraging to others and excel in team projects or when partnering with another person.

However, a weakness of an Arranger is easily getting distracted by chit-chat and struggling to focus on your tasks. Implementing the Pomodoro technique can greatly help Arrangers focus because they know in a short amount of time they can reward themselves by chatting with others.

In a team setting, Arrangers quickly take control of the group and assign tasks to each team member. They act as the team cheerleader by encouraging other team members and having a positive attitude about the project at hand.

Arrangers who work solo, however, tend to rely on social media for their personal interaction. They can also benefit from a shared workspace or from working in a coffee house where there is a constant hum of activity.

The Visualizer

You’re the one who needs to juggle multiple projects at any given time to maintain interest in anything. You’re full of ideas and energy to begin projects, but often find completing them to be difficult. You keep an office that’s nearly as cluttered as your mind and you love it there. If you have 15 piles of paper on your desk, you know exactly what’s in each of those 15 piles.

Visualizers are creative thinkers who are spontaneous. They can easily switch gears on a project and welcome change. Visualizers also see the big picture and tend to focus on the end result as opposed to the smaller tasks which lead to that end result.

Working on a team, Visualizers can run amok with a project if they aren’t reigned in. However, they often have brilliant ideas to enhance any project and are quick to mention ideas in a meeting.

For Visualizers who work solo, batched tasks and theme weeks may help you maintain your focus without growing too bored with the scenery.

If you’re not sure what your productivity style is, or want to learn more about the different styles and how they work, we’ve got a handy little quiz for you -- and you can download and print it. Keep it nearby in case you need to refer to it when deciding on how to build and work your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Remember it's all about how you work and what works best for you. Now, just click on the link below to take the quiz and find out which productivity style best describes you. And once you know your type, you can start using the strategies that work best for you to get more done in less time. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and start being more productive today!

Once you find out, share a comment. Let us know how you can start incorporating your style into your daily routine.