How to Schedule Your Down Time to restore your passion, creativity, and business growth?

Updated: Feb 12

Burnout is a very real problem in every profession. No one can work efficiently if she’s consistently overworked. Taking regular down time is essential for keeping pace with a productive schedule and maintaining your creativity and passion for your business.

Down Time Restores Your Passion

It’s hard to be passionate about anything when all you feel is exhaustion. No matter how much pride you take in watching your business grow, that excitement can quickly wane when you’re having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other.

Scheduling down time helps you keep your focus on the reason you chose to create a business in the first place. Some professionals give 180 percent to building their businesses only to lose sight of why they started their businesses in the first place.

If you ask the average person why he or she went into business, the answer is often a search for freedom.

  • Freedom to have more time with family

  • Financial freedom

  • Freedom from being chained to a desk eight or more hours every day

  • The freedom to be home with their children and still earn an income

Whatever your reason, you probably never envisioned 10 to 12-hour days without taking breaks or having any down time at all.

Why is Down Time Essential?

What you may not realize about down time is that is time that’s important for your brain to recover, regenerate, and reconnect with your inner creativity. The same creativity that is necessary to help your business grow. Without sufficient down time in each day, you’re going to quickly become stagnate and your business will suffer as a result.

Most people understand the importance of vacations and time away from the office for helping you to recharge your batteries and get back to work. It’s more difficult for people to grasp the concept that it is equally necessary to have moments of reflection during the day. These moments come in the form of regular breaks.

Getting the Down Time You Require

The Pomodoro technique is so effective because using the technique forces you to take micro-breaks every 25 minutes and longer breaks every two hours. Following the technique forces you to follow through and take regular breaks.

How do you plan to work down time into your daily routine? Try it for a week and watch your business soar.

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