How to Finish What You Start: Tips for Getting to the End

Are you a woman business owner who constantly takes on new projects without ever finishing them? Even when you have every intention of completing a project, do you have trouble finishing it? Does it seem as if you are always leaving half-finished projects in your wake? Do you

have a project that you've been meaning to finish for ages but haven't had the time for? You're not alone.

Most women business owners face this problem, believe it or not. By following several small steps, you can ensure that you are the type of person who will complete a project once you begin it.

First, let's talk about the importance of finishing what you start...

You’ll Feel Frustrated

The reason it's important to finish what you start is that if you leave things undone constantly, you will feel frustrated. Despite the fact that they may be due to a specific task, frustration can affect other areas of your life as well. A new project you started in your personal or professional life and didn't complete could lead you to lash out in anger at friends or family members.

You Won’t Feel Accomplished

When you complete something in life, you feel an immense sense of accomplishment. And this feeling goes a long way to helping create a positive mindset.

For example, let's say you always leave unfinished projects behind. In that case, you will never feel the satisfaction that comes from feeling accomplished.

You Might Feel Anxiety

In addition to feeling frustrated and missing out on success, you may also start to feel anxious by leaving multiple projects unfinished. The scary part is that you might not be able to isolate these feelings of anxiety from the unfinished project. They may rather consume other areas of your life to a point where you feel anxious about everything.

Change Won’t Happen

The main problem with leaving unfinished projects behind is that you will not experience much change. Starting something new is easy, and anyone can do it. But not everyone can finish a project, and this is what leads to change and profound growth in life.

Is it time for a change? Regardless of how many projects in your life remain unfinished, it's time to go back and finish them. As mentioned, finishing tasks you start reduces your anxiety and frustration while simultaneously boosting your feelings of accomplishment. The moment you start finishing all the things you start, you'll see a change in your life and wonder why you ever left things unfinished in the first place.

Nevertheless, there are three main reasons why most of us fail to finish what we start. By knowing these reasons, we can eliminate them.

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The Top 3 Reasons We Don’t Finish What We Start

1. You’ve Lost Motivation

You were initially motivated by your enthusiasm for starting a new project. However, if you haven't seen any results for some time, this may have caused your motivation to wane. The best way to overcome this loss of motivation is to break your project down into manageable pieces and reward yourself for every step you take. Taking on these more manageable pieces will help keep you motivated even when the project is long.

2. Negative Thoughts About The Project

It may also be difficult to finish a task due to the way you perceive it. Does it seem impossible to finish a task when you think of it? Does your mind fill with thoughts of how difficult the project is? Both of these are negative forms of thinking, which prevent you from finishing the project. The best course of action is to transform your mindset to be more positive with regard to the project at hand. Having a more positive outlook will motivate and energize you to complete the task.

3. Lack Of Discipline

Lack of self-discipline is another reason why people don't finish the projects they start. When the going gets tough, self-disciplined people don't give up. In addition, they tend to avoid procrastination and slacking off. If this is something you recognize in yourself, it's probably time to cultivate self-discipline. Boosting your self-discipline will enable you to complete all the projects you start.

Do any of those reasons sound familiar to you? There are probably one or more of the above reasons why you can't finish projects. Finishing what you started is difficult regardless of the reason. In order to achieve feelings of success, however, you need to figure out why you aren't able to complete a project and then work toward conquering it. You will finally finish the next project you start or one you have left unfinished. After all, it's better to finish late than never at all.

Knowing the reasons why finishing what you start is so important and the factors that make it challenging, here are 6 essential tips that once implemented will help you complete what you start.

The 6 Essential Tips for Finishing What You Start

1. Develop a Plan