Become a Successful Goal Setter

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Do you ever feel like nothing you set your mind to can be achieved? It’s certainly not very motivating to watch the gap widen between where you are now and your dreams. But have you ever stopped to wonder why it happens?

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Perhaps you’re having a challenge with how you go about setting goals. Sure, you can identify something you want to achieve. Do you plan? 

Planning is also a vital step in the process. Wanting something is the first step. Deciding on a feasible plan of action and then following it takes you to the finish line. 

Implement this action plan to become a successful goal setter: 

  • Determine your motive. When going through the process of setting goals, ask yourself why. Why is this particular goal important to you?

  • Is the goal benefitting you? Or are you doing it to make somebody else happy? Take the time to determine what the goal really means to you. Your goals ought to make you happy. Yeah, it’s nice to make others happy. But spending your life always focusing on others prevents you from reaching your fullest potential.

  • Break it up into smaller objectives. Those are easier to view as achievements. That way, you can plot your path and monitor it.

  • Reward yourself for small milestones. A great way to stay motivated is to reward yourself. As soon as you’ve hit one of those milestones, celebrate! The journey ahead isn’t so intimidating when you recognize how far you’ve gotten.

  • Avoid focusing on the long journey ahead. For a long-term goal, it is easy to get lost in how far you have to go. However, when you keep your attention on the small objectives, you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Always look at your goals in your context. Avoid comparing what you’ve achieved with anybody else’s achievements. 

Above all, be kind to yourself! Acknowledge that you’ve already accomplished so much just by being a committed and driven individual. Keep your head up and your heart passionate. Everything else will fall into place naturally!

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