5 Ways to Grow Yourself & Your Business Through Discomfort

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there." – John Assarraf

Simply put: If you decide to work for yourself, you'll be uncomfortable. While you may want to hear or others may tell you the story of how great it is on the other side of the grass, do not be misled. Don’t get me wrong, it is one of the best decisions, I have personally made. However, many women entrepreneurs wear rose-colored glasses and only see what could happen if they had a successful business, but this is only half the picture. (Believe me, my glasses were so tinted, I couldn't see straight, until I was in the thick of things.)

All the positive attributes of a version of success are visible to them: financial freedom, bigger houses, family vacations -- total freedom, etc. However, they don't see the struggle, the pain, the discomfort, or the toll that failure takes on you. Yes, failure! You fail at little things along the way until you get better at it. This can be highly uncomfortable.

So, yeah, you're going to be uncomfortable, alright. And that's an understatement.

Success requires you to become comfortable with discomfort. Embrace pain and hardship with a willing heart. You must remain disciplined and do what is required -- stay on track!

No doubt establishing your threshold for discomfort will take time, but it is doable, and you'll benefit from doing it proactively. As you walk on the edge of discomfort, you'll become stronger and prepared, and nothing is going to stop you from succeeding.

What can you do?

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1. Start even when you don't feel like it

Are you scared to dream big and set goals? It's okay to do it anyway. Believing in yourself will give you a fighting chance. You have to start somewhere. Start where you are, wherever you are, it doesn't matter, as long as you start! In the end, no one can assist you if you are not willing to do that.

Embrace your fear...but keep going.

2. Avoid procrastination

Do you have a lot of work? Great! Work CAN equal progress. Not busy work...this is why I say, "Can." Don't waste time on tasks that make you look busy, but no real progress is made toward your goals. Remember to focus on goal-directed work.

Progress will require effort.

Put your energy into tasks you dislike. These are the tasks that are put off.

These are usually the ones that will matter most to your business. Start your day by completing these tasks.

Delaying will only make them seem more overwhelming. Again, stop thinking and just start. "Thinking" and "planning" use to be some of my procrastinating activities. These activities can make you believe you are moving when you are standing still -- procrastinating.

3. Push yourself

To improve their speed and stamina, runners try to beat their personal bests

every time. Trying to run faster and faster over time isn't comfortable. Your

heart will be pounding, and you'll be gasping for air. Nevertheless, if you don't

push yourself, you won't be able to shave off precious seconds.

The important thing this is to keep pushing yourself to increase your output over a

given period of time.

For example, if you typically write four pages an hour, try to write five or six. To

make things go more quickly, you may need to become a faster typist or use

dictation software. Use them. As the saying goes, the ends justify the means.

What matters is that you force yourself to level up and become more


4. Set bigger goals

The bigger your goals, the more focused you'll need to be. You'll need to put in

more effort. Make your big goals smaller by dividing them into smaller milestones and giving yourself deadlines for each. Now see if you can beat the

deadline by working faster. When I really need to get something done, I will set a

timer for increments of 15 minu