4 Questions to Help You Find Your Ideal Customers

Knowing your ideal customer changes everything in your business. The target market sets the tone for everything you do - from branding to products and services, to marketing channels, to customer engagement. It is for this reason that we must take this crucial first step.

The ideal customer is the one who can benefit most from what you're offering. In order to effectively reach this market, companies create a persona. You might say something like, "Jennifer is a small business owner in the American Midwest who earns XXX per year and is looking to grow his business..." It's very specific so you know exactly who you're targeting.

Creating a customer profile requires gathering as much information as possible about the people who will buy from you.

Your customer profile should answer the following questions:

Where Is Your Ideal Customer and What Do They Do?

Identifying where your ideal customer is and what they do is the first step to creating an accurate and complete picture of them. This type of demographic information is collected from things like a person's age, job status, annual income, and family structure.

Answer the question, "Who are you?"

What Problems Does Your Product or Service Solve?

Your ideal customer is facing some problem or challenge. You need to discover what pressing need they have so that you can offer the product or service that will solve it. What change will your offering bring about in the customer's life?

What Is the Customer Looking for When They Shop?

Buying behavior is a major part of your ideal customer profile. When and how does your target market shop? How do they feel about the money and the products and services they buy? If you know this information, you can adjust your offer to fit your customers' particular lifestyle and buying behavior.

What Are the Customer's Objection to Buying?

Understanding your customer's behavior requires answering this question. For one reason or another, many people get close to buying but stop at the last minute. Maybe they're not sure if the product will deliver the results, or whether it's worth the price. To remove obstacles to buying, your marketing must address these objections.

Finding Data on Your Ideal Customer