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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” 

--Vincent Van Gogh

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My life hasn't been the same since I found my purpose; each and every day I am increasingly grateful. Finding your purpose path is worth every challenging step.

Benefits of living in alignment with your purpose

  • Increased confidence

  • Increased motivation

  • Improved health

  • Improved relationships

  • More fulfilled

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Day 1: What is Purpose

Day 2: Why It’s Important to Find Your Purpose

Day 3: When You Live a Purpose-Driven Life Your Values are Clear

Day 4: When You Have a Purpose, You're Taking Action 

Day 5: The Connection Between Purpose and Happiness

DAY 6: Why What You Do for a Living Matters

Day 7: Living with Purpose is Good For Your Spiritual Health

Day 8Your Loved Ones Will Benefit From a Purpose Driven Life

DAY 9: How to Find Your Calling

Day 10: Embrace Your Hobbies & Interests

Day 11: Never Stop Learning

Day 12: Aligning Yourself with Your Purpose Through Meditation

Day 13: Creating Purposeful & Meaningful Relationships

Day 14: Living with Purpose is About Serving Your Community

Day 15: What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?